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Since its origins, Bolon's objective has been to transform the traditional flooring sector by drawing inspiration from the world of fashion, which is constantly questioning itself. The dazzling success of the beginnings with the simple reading mats, mats whose weft is made up of strips of fabric and used vinyl, did not hinder the dynamics of the brand, on the contrary. World famous brands and great architects like Jean Nouvel routinely work with Bolon. The family business thus tirelessly explores the path of innovation through floor coverings of exceptional resistance, with good sound absorption, timeless and easy to maintain, available in carpet finish on

Limiting the ecological footprint is a commitment inscribed in Bolon's DNA since recycling and sustainability have been at the heart of carpet design since the brand's creation. For example, 100% of the electricity used for production comes from renewable sources, carbon neutrality is 100%. All PVC coatings are eco-labelled. Free of phthalates, heavy metals and hazardous chemicals, Bolon coatings are safe for human health. With a long history, Bolon is banking on creativity as a powerfully renewable resource as humanity faces some of its greatest challenges.