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It is by the beauty of its imperfections that we recognize true zellige. This ceramic tile whose name means "small polished stone" is handcrafted from clear clay quarried near Fes, Morocco. From a secular craft, it is shaped, dried and baked. The biscuit is then covered with enamel powder, befor being baked again. Cutting by a talented craftman gives it its final shape. Beijmat is a kind if zellige in the shape of a paving stone, wich is not cut after cooking.

An ararbo-andalusian version of Roman and Byzantine mosaic, zellige has been used sine the Xth century to dress fountains, walls and sometimes floors. Depending on its shape, size and pose requires special dexterity. Synonymous with luxury, its shine and small irregularities of its surface and its subtle nuance of colors from one to another tile make it temperament.

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