Virtual Room Visualizer Tool, a great way to project yourself

virtual room tool

To help you with your buying decision, we offer a 3D simulator on part of our catalog. It allows you to visualize the product of your choice, in your own room from a photo, or in a demonstration room.

How does it work?

Easily transform your room in just a few clicks.

  1. Choose your product
  2. Choose your room
  3. View, modify and compare
Virtual Room Visualizer Tool

Which products are included?

You can use it to view certain wallpapers, rugs or tiles. For eligible products, you can access the simulator by clicking on the "See in my room" button.

On computer, by hovering the mouse over the main product picture:

Virtual Room Visualizer Tool 

On your mobile, under the main product picture:

Virtual Room Visualizer Tool

Find all products available for viewing by clicking on the product type of your choice: