Donna Wilson

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Donna Wilson is a talented Scottish designer who is unique in her field. Passionate about knitting, she created her own eponymous brand after having presented her "Creatures" during the final year exhibition at the Royal College of Art in London.

Her colourful, unique pieces that have made her successful are inspired by the tales of her childhood and the Scottish countryside where she spent her formative years. Very quickly, she completed a collection of astonishing cushions, luxurious lambs' wool plaids and a variety of other objects and accessories: socks, hats and even table accessories.

In 2010, Donna Wilson received the much coveted "Designer of the Year" award at the British Elle Decoration Design Awards. This unrivalled designer has created a unique, warm brand that will delight young and old alike, as well as the whole family around the Christmas tree with a wonderful Christmas gift.

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