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Fujikawa Panel x Agence Musées Nationaux
652,00 €
Custom size:  80,70 € /m2

The RMN Agency, promoting the cultural heritage of humanity

Beyond the technique, the marker value and the influenced that we perceive there, something transcends the national and touches us is the heart. More than a support, the work is a place inhabited by a presence, an intention which directly addresses our unconscious. If a painting has the power to subvert us, it's because it seems to know someting about our intimacy. The soothing effect of a peaceful landscape, the influence of the complicit gaze of a character, the ability of a plant composition to spread joy, the meditative scope of an image produced by an artist of yesterday or today is intense when printed in immersive format and exibited in a living or a bedroom.

Each digitization of piece of art from a regional or national museum or from a foreing collection is the result of the uncompromising requirement of the RMN photographic agency. is pleased to offer legendary works of art printed with the greatest care on quality non-woven paper. The decorative panels in this range bring the power of a masterpiece into your interior. The marriage between decorative and fine Art is a balm for the soul.