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From traditional toiles de Jouy to contemporary creations

The company that has existed since 1945 and took the name of Casal in 1970 is bought in the 90's. It becomes an open society internationally and recognized for the quality of its fabrics. The house Driot-Gradi and Pansu join the group and increase the reputation and influence of Casal in the world. 

The collections are developped in close collaboration with the manufacturers. The diversity of styles, the vibrant colors and the reliability of the materials make up the Casal collections. Highly committed to meeting customer needs, one of Casal's great strenghts is the availability of inventory and the rigorous monitoring of orders. Sensitive to textile innovation, the brand relies on surprising advances such as Aquaclean nanotechnology and outdoor cool-colors. But Casal is also careful to perpetuate the beauty of the french patterns from the Oberkampf factory archives. Thus, the most beautiful Toile de Jouy are gathered in the Heritage collection.

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