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Colefax and Fowler
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Colefax and Fowler, the impeccable taste

The Colefax group was founded in London in 1930 by Sibyl Lady Colefax. It is the oldest home decoration company established in Great Britain, and is one of the most respected. This company conceive wallpapers and upholstery is joined by John Fowler eight years later. Then, it's becomes known as Colefax and Fowler. The company has been managed John Fowler between 1944 and 2016. Nancy Lancaster is also a key figure of the brand since she bought Colefax and Fowler Sibyl Colefax in 1944.

Today, the group enjoys an international reputation and has offices in the United States, France, Germany and Italy. Silks, weaves, chintzes, sheers and wallpapers make Colefax and Fowler famous. The company works essentially to decorate private homes. English manor houses, moder urban appartements, ranches in South America, ski cottages, houses bordering tropical beaches, yatchs and private jets are the privileged playgrounds of the brand.

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