Leopard fabric

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Leopard fabric

Displaying the spotted coat of a leopard speaks to our primitive side, the one that gives man his animal strength. This pattern that was very fashionable in the 60s has now become a classic.

Often extravagant, sometimes moderate with more restrained shades, it is always the mark of a certain character. Loved by many great couturiers for its rock 'n' roll roots, leopard prints also invade the home!

2 colors

Leopard Velvet

Edmond Petit
113,00 € 91,00 € per meter
3 colors
274,00 € 219,00 € per meter
3 colors
274,00 € 219,00 € per meter
1 color

Tigre Velvet

House of Hackney
197,00 € per meter
5 colors
240,00 € 192,00 € per meter