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Febrik, knitted textiles for interiors
After years of international growth, designers Renee Merckx and Jos Pelders founded Febrik and in 2008 launched the knitted fabric collection called Innofa Stretch Textiles.The Brand is rooted in Tilburg, a Dutch city of historic importance in textiles.

In order to create superior quality fabrics, Febrik sets up a design department and invests in production equipment. With its many years of experience and technical advances, it enters the commercial market by offering original products. Febrik collaborates with renowned European and international professionals, including Sylvain Willenz, Belgian designer with a clear curiosity for industry and manufacturing processes; or Anderssen & Voll, Norwegian artists specializing in household objects.
Febrik is known for its versatile collections, its innovative approach and its collaborative attitude. This brand designs distinctive fabrics suitable for both domestic use and professional spaces. The creations are distinguished above all by their three-dimensional structure and their extensibility. Febrik fabric are fabrics with textures highlighted by quilting, their stretch is an intrinsic quality that results from the knitting process. Febrik also values colors by offering a combination of assorted tones.

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