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Woods Wallpaper
Woods Wallpaper Cole and Son
Feathery Clouds Wallpaper
Pimpernel Wallpaper
Pimpernel Wallpaper Morris and Co
Artemis Wallpaper
Artemis Wallpaper House of Hackney
Pine Wallpaper
Raphaël Wallpaper
Musa Wallpaper
Garden Party Wallpaper
Garden Party Wallpaper Rifle Paper Co.
Sabal Wallpaper
Laurel Wallpaper
Paradis des Tropiques Panel
Designers Guild
Christian Lacroix
Cole and Son
Osborne and Little
Isidore Leroy
Le Grand Siècle
Rifle Paper Co.

House of Hackney

House of Hackney was founded in London in 2010 with a focus on wallpaper quality, design and "made in England". House of Hackney has succeeded in capturing the zeitgeist through wallpapers that revisit tradition with audacity and non-conformism.


Casa Azul collection

An exploration of colours and textures, the Casa Azul collection takes us to the heart of the essence of Mexico and its riches. Inspired by ancestral artistic practices and the treasures of this land, this Casamance collection revisits natural materials with incomparable visual poetry. Mural frescoes, subtly woven patchworks and motifs from Mexican flora and fauna come to life in sumptuous hues. Each Casa Azul creation is a sensory celebration, a hymn to Mexican colours and traditions that enchant spaces with unrivalled artistic energy.


The brand Eijffinger, founded in 1875 by Anna and Theo Eijffinger, has revolutionized the world of interior decoration for more than 140 years. An innovative vision, a touch of authenticity and personality, is what characterize each wallpaper of the brand. Due to its unusual style and its vintage colors, Eijffinger strives for excellence every time.

Avant-garde pieces

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Acquario Wallpaper
Précieux Wallpaper
Précieux Wallpaper Jean Paul Gaultier
Contemporary Wallpaper
Brittsommar Wallpaper
Spiral wallcover
Venetian Ornament Wallpaper
Mickey Stripe Wallpaper
Foliosité Wallpaper
Apesanteur Or Panel

Our remarkable products

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Edo Panel
Edo Panel Coordonné
Custom size:  US$62.54 /yd2
Nuvolette Panel
Nuvolette Panel Cole and Son
L'Eden Panel
L'Eden Panel Le Grand Siècle
Custom size:  US$120.24 /yd2
White Spirit Panel
White Spirit Panel Pascale Risbourg
Custom size:  US$125.73 /yd2
Lago Di Garda Panel
Lago Di Garda Panel Les Dominotiers
Custom size:  US$77.91 /yd2
Akaishi Panel
Akaishi Panel Walls by Patel
Custom size:  US$63.37 /yd2
Dune Naturel Panel
Dune Naturel Panel Isidore Leroy
Custom size:  US$97.02 /yd2
Foret Impressionniste Panel
The Breath of Fern Panel
Custom size:  US$113.20 /yd2
In The Woods Panel
Designers Guild
Christian Lacroix
Cole and Son
Bien Fait
Isidore Leroy
Le Grand Siècle
Armani Casa
Artwallz Paris


Forbidden City collection

The Forbidden City collection, published by Coordonné, features wallpapers that evoke the beauty and culture of the Orient. The range explores the Chang'an Forbidden Park and the Forbidden City in Beijing, two vast palace complexes created by generations of Chinese emperors from different dynasties. The designs invite you on a journey to the golden age of imperial China, spanning the centuries between the Tang and Ming dynasties.

Tres Tintas Barcelona

Playful Layers collection

The Playful Layers wallpaper collection from Tres Tintas invites artistic exploration full of surprises. Each work reveals a harmonious fusion of vibrant colors and captivating patterns, transporting viewers to a world where the imagination is king. The common threads running through these designs include a bold use of geometric shapes and a subtle play of contrasts. This harmonious fusion creates a dreamlike atmosphere that transcends reality.

London Art

London art is an Italian manufacturer of top-of-the-range made-to-measure wallpaper, offering products that meet the diverse needs of space and daily life. Its unique and innovative contemporary design blends harmoniously into lifestyles.

Avant-garde pieces

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Le Pinson Panel
Le Pinson Panel Etoffe.com x Claire Prouvost
Custom size:  US$77.45 /yd2
Le Printemps Panel
Le Printemps Panel Etoffe.com x Agence Musées Nationaux
Custom size:  US$77.45 /yd2
Le Jardin Anglais Panel
Le Jardin Anglais Panel Le Grand Siècle
Custom size:  US$120.24 /yd2
Feuilles Panel
Feuilles Panel London Art
Custom size:  US$113.20 /yd2
Fresque Assur Panel
Fresque Assur Panel Maison Martin Morel
Custom size:  US$76.44 /yd2
Arazzo Panel
Custom size:  US$100.95 /yd2
Jardin Méditerranéen Panel
Custom size:  US$77.91 /yd2

Our remarkable products

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Kintore Velvet
Kintore Velvet Designers Guild
US$77.00 per meter
Artemis Velvet
Artemis Velvet House of Hackney
US$280.00 per meter
Arbre de Vie Fabric
US$187.00 per meter
Alma Fabric
Alma Fabric Casamance
US$109.00 per meter
Sauvage Fabric
Sauvage Fabric Métaphores
US$269.00 per meter
Trebah Velvet
Trebah Velvet Osborne and Little
US$330.00 per meter
Kiosque Fabric
US$310.00 per meter
Romarin Fabric
US$232.00 per meter
CMO Paris
Designers Guild
Christian Lacroix
Osborne and Little
House of Hackney
Gastón y Daniela
Clarke and Clarke
Poodle and Blonde
Babel Brune


Botanical Atlas Collection

The Botanical Atlas collection unveils the splendor of the natural world through eclectic patterns. Designed with timeless elegance and rich, sophisticated color palettes, it takes us on a global journey through magical and fantastical forms. The series draws inspiration from the exciting expeditions of Sir Arthur Liberty to Japan, China, Persia, and India between 1880 and 1910. It modernly reinterprets motifs from chinoiserie, miniature illustrations of Persian gardens, Moghul Indian paintings, and art from the Edo period in Japan.


Using his own name, Adolphe Halard opened a high-quality upholstery fabric shop in Paris. He surrounded himself with famous artists, in particular Suzanne Fontan, and became a creator of fabrics and wallpapers expressing the sensibility of contemporary artists: thus the Nobilis spirit was born. Today he can still be found in the collections of wall coverings, rugs and above all Nobilis fabric. A guarantor of French expertise in the area of furnishing, this great Parisian designer stands out for his love of materials.


Les Bains collection

The collection Les Bains from Métaphores is an artistic celebration of the art of bathing and iconic seaside environments. Each fabric evokes sensory and visual refinement. Inspired by Art Deco pools, the French Riviera and the ancient thermal baths, these patterns capture the light, texture and fluidity of aquatic environments. With geometric, organic or wave-inspired designs, this collection skilfully fuses retro aesthetics with elegant modernity, transporting the mind to horizons of relaxation and sophistication.

Avant-garde pieces

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Agate Velvet
US$290.00 per meter
Everest Velvet
US$219.00 per meter
Psychedelia Fabric
US$192.00 per meter
Divin Fabric
Divin Fabric Lelièvre
US$247.00 per meter
Amuleto Velvet
US$305.00 per meter
Secret Venus Fabric
US$308.00 per meter
Lophélia Fabric
US$235.00 per meter
Porto Fabric
Porto Fabric Armani Casa
US$459.00 per meter
Eco Chain of Fools Velvet
Eco Chain of Fools Velvet Poodle and Blonde
US$139.00 per meter
Irisa Velvet
Irisa Velvet Osborne and Little
US$287.00 per meter

Our remarkable products

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Tres Pearl Vegetal
-20% Bosquet Roseau Rug
Bosquet Roseau Rug Christian Lacroix
US$2,032.00 US$1,626.00
Rose & Peony Rug
Japan Rug
Japan Rug Gan Rugs
Masquerade Round Blue Rug
Pluriel Rug
Vilja Rug
Vilja Rug Linie Design
-20% Jaipur Stripe Rug
Jaipur Stripe Rug Christian Lacroix
US$2,322.00 US$1,858.00
Bower Rug
Bower Rug Morris and Co
Seaweed Rug
Seaweed Rug Morris and Co
Gan Rugs
Brink & Campman
Serge Lesage
Linie Design


Motivated by a single desire and great creativity, the designer Nani Marquina established the brand in 1987. The goal was clear: to design surprising craft rugs, accessible to all. The idea of mixing contemporary design with manufacture using traditional techniques was well-received and allowed Nanimarquina to launch, working with craftspeople who could bring cultural value to the rugs.


Edito Paris collection

William Morris believed that everybody has the right to a beautiful house. As custodians of the incredible Morris & Co. archive, Style Library continue to fulfil his legacy by curating beautifully crafted products inspired by his original designs. Morris & Co. belongs to everyone, wich is why it earns a place in family homes, grand country houses and boutique hotels worldwide. Open you door to Morris & Co. and let the legacy live on.

Christian Lacroix

-20% off rugs until May 31st

Since the launch of Maison Christian Lacroix in 1987, its style has remained unique, exuberant, colorful and baroque. The combination of Christian Lacroix's excellence and exceptional craftsmanship enables the Maison to produce timeless collections of carpets.

Avant-garde pieces

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Full Rug by Josef Albers
Spot Flower Multi Rug
Eclats Rug
Flow 1 Rug
Flow 1 Rug Serge Lesage
Babele Rug
Vetro 3 Rug
Seraphic Sun Rug
Seraphic Sun Rug Linie Design
-20% Kaa Rug
Kaa Rug Christian Lacroix
US$4,465.00 US$3,572.00
Everything Now Rug

Our remarkable products

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Ours Throw
Ours Throw Nobilis
Jarris Carré Cushion
Birds Sinfonia Crepuscule Cushion
Pouf Kilim 3
Pouf Kilim 3 Nanimarquina
Quintero Cushion
Varese Cushion
Varese Cushion Designers Guild
Ritournelle Cushion
Ritournelle Cushion Maison Casamance
Barbados Cushion
Designers Guild
Christian Lacroix
Missoni Home
House of Hackney
John Derian
Illustre Paris
Babel Brune
Maison Casamance

Babel Brune

Babel Brune was born from the creative passion of Clémence Barker Canler. While travelling the roads of Asia for ten years, she discovered a real cultural wealth as well as artisanal know-how. Between the cabinet making workshops of Rajasthan or the textile workshops of Bali, she observed, learned and was inspired. Once back in Europe, the artist rediscovered and opened her eyes to all this aesthetic that she had not taken the time to appreciate. Babel Brune is the fruit of this creative bubbling. By mixing uninhibited creativity with sharp expertise, she wishes to participate in the creation of new modes of consumption.


Founded in 1928, Houlès creates and manufactures collections of trimmings, upholstery fabrics and curtain rods, all exclusive, luxurious and retailed worldwide. Specialized in French trimmings, Houlès offers pipings, cartisanes, key tassels, curtains tiebacks, stipes and fringes.

Christian Lacroix

Since the launch of Maison Christian Lacroix in 1987, its style has remained unique, exuberant, colorful and baroque. The combination of Christian Lacroix's excellence and exceptional craftsmanship has enabled Maison Lacroix to create timeless collections of cushions.

Avant-garde pieces

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Féline S Cushion
Lacroix Graphe Throw
Lacroix Graphe Throw Christian Lacroix
Nastri Throw
Nastri Throw Missoni Home
Beverly Beach Towel

Our remarkable products

Écorce Wallpaper
Feathery Clouds Wallpaper
Arbre de Vie Fabric
US$187.00 per meter
Rajmahal Rug
Rajmahal Rug Missoni Home
Arch cement Tile
Arch cement Tile Popham design
US$171.00 per box
US$196.55 /m2
Spiral wallcover
Hollyhocks Velvet
Hollyhocks Velvet House of Hackney
US$280.00 per meter
Opium Velvet
Opium Velvet Casamance
US$93.00 per meter
Track cement Tile
Track cement Tile Marrakech Design
US$122.00 per box
US$190.63 /m2
Eclats Rug
Paradis des Tropiques Panel
Designers Guild
Cole and Son
Jean Paul Gaultier
Missoni Home
House of Hackney
Orla Kiely
Morris and Co
Isidore Leroy
La Chance
Francesco De Maio
Rifle Paper Co.
Marrakech Design
Maison Casamance


Founder and creative director of the company, Christian Benini, a trained advertising photographer, is at the origin of Wall & decò. Born from one of his intuitions, the brand is imagined following the reproduction of an image with large leaves to use as a background for a photo shoot, for which he immediately perceives a decorative value to be developed. The first collection was created in 2005.

Morris and Co

Bedford Park collection

Morris&Co's Bedford Park collection reinvents British artistic heritage with a bold new energy. This selection brings together timeless works by great creative talents such as William Morris, C.F.A. Voysey, Allan Francis Vigers and J.H. Dearle. Each design captures the spirit of traditional craftsmanship in an expressive, flower power colour palette. With Bedford Park, Morris & Co celebrate art like never before, inviting you on an artistic journey full of vitality and emotion.

Designers Guild

20% off Designers Guild rugs until May 31

Founded in 1970 by Tricia Guild, Designers Guild designs and distributes upholstery fabrics, wallpapers and home accessories such as cushions, plaids, rugs and trimmings worldwide. Designers Guild also distributes Christian Lacroix, Ralph Lauren, Royal Collection and William Yeoward.

Avant-garde pieces

Royal Garden Velvet
US$252.00 per meter
Bloom 1 Rug
Bloom 1 Rug Nanimarquina
Brasilia cement Tile
US$142.00 per box
US$197.22 /m2
Mouvement Fabric
Mouvement Fabric Métaphores
US$275.00 per meter
Les Voisins Panel
Les Voisins Panel Etoffe.com x Claire Prouvost
Custom size:  US$77.45 /yd2
Grues Japonaises Or Panel
Custom size:  US$540.87 /yd2
Féline L Cushion
Plastic Rivers Yangtze Rug
Drop Wall Acoustical Wallcovering
US$3,900.00 /m2
One large slab porcelain stoneware
US$1,016.00 per box
US$705.56 /m2

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