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Shaded tones

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Shaded tones

The art of colour gradients in fabrics and wallpapers goes along with great technical requirement. Because they require a large number of different coloured yarns or a rigorous printing precision , the shaded ornaments are all the more popular as they are not easily available.

On cushions, curtains, wallpapers, seats or carpets, the shaded colours can be used for different purposes: an aura of mystery or psychedelic Art, softness or tropme-l'oeil.

3 colors

Jacaranda Velvet

Missoni Home
374,00 € per meter
3 colors
164,00 € per meter
6 colors

Breva Fabric

145,00 € per meter
10 colors
192,00 € per meter
5 colors
300,00 € per meter
1 color

Phrae Fabric

Missoni Home
595,00 € per meter
9 colors
294,00 € per meter