Tile finishing plaster LTP Ecoprotec  LTP Ecoprotec

Tile finishing plaster LTP Ecoprotec

LTP Ecoprotec

Minimal quantity: 1

Natural Finish Stone Sealer is a water-based sealer designed to protect concrete and natural stone tiles from stains. It leaves surfaces water and grease resistant while allowing them to breathe. It is recommended for use in wet rooms. This product is an impregnating sealer and must be applied in one to three coats.

  • A 1L bottle covers approximately 7m²
  • A 5L bottle covers approximately 22m²

Delivery: This item is shipped directly from our premises, most often separately from your wallpaper or other products.

Delivery in  48h by DHL
58,00 €
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Supplier reference
Origin of manufacture
  • Wall
  • Interior shower floor
  • Interior shower wall
  • Floor
  • Wall kitchen, splashback included
  • Workplan
  • Floor kitchen
  • Wall kitchen, splashback excluded
  • Wall near oven, stove, fireplace
  • Floor near oven, stove, fireplace
  • Indoor staircase
  • Outdoor staircase
  • Floor terrace behind garage (withstands the passage of a car or truck)
  • Wall terrace
  • Floor terrace
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Indoor swimming pool
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