Mériguet-Carrère Paris

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Pépite Wallpaper

Mériguet-Carrère Paris
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Paysages d'Auriane Panel

Mériguet-Carrère Paris
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Mériguet-Carrère Paris, "Living Heritage Company"

The workshop collaborates primarly with the architects of the Monuments Historiques, and with the greatest international decorators. Antoine Courtois an arts and crafts engineer, plays have the role of conductor for 90 employees, taking over from founder Paul Mériguet. The spirit of companionship and transmission from man to man is claimed and put at the service of projects such as that of the Opéra de Paris, private palaces and luxury shops. Behind the appearances of old-fashioned work, the most advanced researches are led and innovative processes has been born. The compagny selects some of the most beautiful colors in its range of painting to create its first wallpaper collection. They are all available on Etoffe.com.

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