Mat Shine Paint

How to choose your paint?

Choosing a paint for the interior depends on several criteria, such as the type of room, the surface to be painted, the desired effect and the maintenance. The choice of finish depends on personal taste, but also on the technical constraints of each room. It is important to know that the more a paint tends to shine, the easier it is to maintain.

The matt finish

Matt paint does not reflect light, it gives a chalky and powdery appearance. It is ideal for masking defects and irregularities of the support. This type of finish is suitable for creating a cosy, muffled atmosphere. It is especially suitable for ceilings and adult rooms. However, it is not resistant to stains and rubbing, and is not washable. It is therefore not recommended in wet rooms or high traffic areas, such as the kitchen or bathroom. See all matte paints

The satin finish

Satin paint reflects light well, bringing brightness and warmth to colors. It is versatile and washable, so it can be used in any living room or high-traffic area, such as the living room, a child's room, the kitchen or the hallway. On the other hand, it brings out the defects of the support, so it must be well prepared and smooth. See all satin paints

The undercoat

The application of an undercoat in an interior has several advantages. It makes the paint more adherent and resistant over time, especially if the support is porous or smooth (plasterboard, plastic, metal, wood, glass, tiles, etc.). It allows to uniform the paint for a more aesthetic result, by opacifying and smoothing the irregularity of the support. The application of an undercoat is economical and saves time, avoiding the need to apply several coats of finishing paint on a too absorbent support. In some cases, it can also strengthen crumbling walls when the undercoat is enriched with resin. The application of an undercoat is not mandatory but is strongly recommended. To do without it, the support must be perfectly prepared, smooth and adherent. If this is not the case, the result may be disappointing and not very durable.

The test pot

The colors you see on your screen may differ from reality; we advise you to order a sample. We offer tester pots, i.e., small capacity pots. They allow you to test the paint in real conditions and to get a more precise idea of the shade of the selected color: the shade of colors can vary according to the support, the light or the decor of the room.

The color cards 

For some brands, we also offer color cards to help you in your choice.

Glued paint Color Card, Mériguet-Carrère Paris

Colors of England Color Card, Little Greene