Our raison d'être Our expertise at your service

"Etoffe.com is a company that is committed to the long term, to beauty that lasts and that ages with elegance and panache."

The beginning

Etoffe.com was first designed in 1999. Philippe Bertron, with his professional experience in the textile industry, imagined an online sales platform dedicated to the most beautiful fabrics in the world. He looked for an evocative brand name for both the textile and web worlds and registered the domain name Etoffe.com.

In 2009, with the democratization of the internet, he launched his project with the ambition of offering fabrics worthy of entering the most beautiful interiors in the world.


The mission

For 12 years, Etoffe.com has been built around a vision: to allow its customers to personalise their interiors to assert their personality with style and boldness. Personality is at the heart of Etoffe.com's approach because decorating is expressing yourself!

At Etoffe.com, we believe that evolving in an area decorated according to one's tastes, personality and sensibility is a factor of personal development. Our greatest wish is that your Etoffe.com adventure be a moment of pleasure: from the search for the dream product to its implementation in your home.


Our values

Self-affirmation, through decoration, boldness and elegance. This is the belief of Etoffe.com.To make it real: a team of women and men united by their passion for beauty, decoration and human relations. And who have the will to always offer excellence.

A bold pattern, a modern design, a vibrant colour or an innovative material... Etoffe.com gives you all the tools you need to give free rein to your imagination and create an interior that reflects your image.

"At Etoffe.com, we have at heart to propose very singular fabrics, with a real identity, because these are the fabrics that can really arouse an emotion and create a heartthrob. Boldness is at the heart of our selection process."

Anna, Collection Director

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A responsible company

"Because we know that business plays a social role and can negatively or positively impact its social and ecological environment, we are determined to build Etoffe.com by taking the path of responsibility."

This responsibility requires respect: respect for others, for our employees and for our partners.

Respect for our customers, their needs, their questions, their comments...
Etoffe.com is committed to being a caring and inclusive company, where the well-being of all is an absolute priority. We believe in happiness at work, in performance through caring and we want to grow with others as much as we want to help others grow.

Respect for our environment,so that our activities do not burden future generations. We work with brands that have environmental specifications that allow us to measure and control our environmental impact.

This measurement of our footprint allows us to decide on actions to reduce it and move towards a neutral impact.

Respect for our employees,We run awareness-raising events for our employees, because the smallest gestures are the first step towards responsibility.

We want to be at the forefront of eco-responsible innovation in the decoration market and in this sense we seek to develop solutions that allow us to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

"To allow you to personalise your interiors to assert your personality with style and boldness."

Etoffe.com to serve your personality

For everyone: hedonists, aesthetes, novices or experts who want to create vibrant, personal interiors that reflect their image. With our patterns, colours or textures that they choose, our customers are driven by the desire to create a personal and unique imprint in their home to make it a sign of their creativity and personality.

For decoration professionals, architects, decorators and interior designers who are looking for a simple solution to have access to a plurality of quality products to carry out their projects and satisfy all their clients' expectations.

"Walls, floors and furniture are all blank surfaces waiting to be painted, papered and decorated. We allow our customers to set out to conquer these surfaces and imprint their personality."

expertise Our product knowledge

One of the great assets of Etoffe.com is the sharpened eye of our experienced collection team, which knows how to judge the quality of a product and its aesthetic relevance with accuracy. This expertise is the guarantee that a product acquired on Etoffe.com is a product that lives up to the highest expectations that a customer may have.

Our customer service, to ensure the best shopping experience

At Etoffe.com, we believe that customer service is at the heart of our mission and is essential to ensure that you get the best possible experience and ultimately acquire the product that best meets your expectations.

We always have your satisfaction in mind and guide you through the entire purchasing process. To do this, we have put together a team of experts capable of listening to you, guiding you and advising you. We are always looking for ways to improve so that your visit to our site is as pleasant as possible.


Our expertise

Our knowledge of the sector allows us to build the best collaborations

We have been in the industry for 12 years now and over the years we have been able to expand our knowledge, sharpen our eye and build relationships with many houses. The result is a catalogue of the best products from the best brands, including famous names known for their influence in fashion such as designers Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix.

Style, boldness and elegance are characteristics shared by fashion and decoration and Etoffe.com combines the best of both worlds to create its universe.

But we also look for companies with a less famous name but whose products are just as representative of a savoir-faire of excellence and which convey the values of Etoffe.com so well. And sometimes, after an exceptional occasion, Etoffe.com publishes its own products.

Like a manifesto of its own universe, we see the appearance of wallpapers from the imagination of the illustrator Claire Prouvost, or products bearing historical works of art published in collaboration with the agency of national museums...