Wabi Sabi 4 Panel Labo Léonard Blue WABISABI_4 Labo Léonard
Wabi Sabi 4 Panel Labo Léonard

Wabi Sabi 4 Panel Labo Léonard

Labo Léonard

Minimal quantity: 1

The price indicated is for a 520 x 270 cm (204.72 x 106.3 in) panel. It is delivered in a roll containing 4 strips measuring 130 cm (51.18 in) wide and 270 cm (106.3 in) long. A cutting line is indicated on each length.

Delivery in  8-10 working days
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Wabi Sabi 4 Panel Labo Léonard

Wabi Sabi 4 is inspired by the Japanese Wabi Sabi concept. Labo Léonard proposes a wallpaper with a plain background or fine lighter stripes. The latter can evoke the imperfect nature of life that the Japanese movement celebrates.

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This wallpaper is non-woven, making it easier to hang. The adhesive must be applied to the wall. We recommend using an adhesive such as Quelyd for non-woven wallpaper. Watch our tutorial.

270 cm / 106.3 in
520 cm / 204.72 in
Strip width
195 g/m²
Fire resistance
Non-flammable France : Hardly flammable (Non-contractual, only the certificate confirms the fireproof standard).
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