Femmes Fleurs Panel Etoffe.com x Claire Prouvost Bleu/Rose femmesfleurs-ble Etoffe.com x Claire Prouvost
Femmes Fleurs Panel Etoffe.com x Claire Prouvost

Femmes Fleurs Panel Etoffe.com x Claire Prouvost

Etoffe.com x Claire Prouvost

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The price indicated is for a 400 x 280 cm panel. It is delivered in a roll containing 8 strips measuring 50 cm wide and 280 cm long. A cutting line is indicated on each length.

Delivery in  2-3 weeks
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Femmes Fleurs Panel Etoffe.com x Claire Prouvost

With this graphic composition imagined in bright colors, the French illustrator Claire Prouvost celebrates women and their personal development. Animated by the angular shapes of cubist paintings from the beginning of the 20th century, she draws female portraits in the midst of abundant vegetation. This creation illuminates your spaces and brings a colorful and poetic touch to the decor.

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This wallpaper is non-woven, making it easier to hang. The adhesive must be applied to the wall. We recommend using an adhesive such as Quelyd for non-woven wallpaper. Watch our tutorial.

280 cm
400 cm
Social and environmental labels
FSC 100%
International Ecolabel : Guarantees that 100% of the wood fiber used comes from sustainably managed forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council
International Ecolabel : Guarantees the limitation of chemical emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
VOC France : A+
Ecolabel : Guarantees very low emissions of 11 volatile organic compounds based on measurements carried out 28 days after application. Indoor air quality is thus preserved.
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