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Grain de café Cushion

Charvet Editions
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Empreinte Cushion

Charvet Editions
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Nomade Cushion

Charvet Editions
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High-end natural linen curtains

For over a century, the Charvet company has been designing and manufacturing linen fabric. Established in Armentières, long known as the "city of the canvas", it is located in the heart of a region renowned since the Middle Ages for its production of linen fabrics of high quality cotton and linen thread. Historically, flax has indeed been the material of choice for Flanders and has contributed greatly to the economic and cultural influence of the region throughout Europe. This is found in the Charvet Editions double curtains.

Specialized staff attentive to quality make up the Charvet éditions team, anxious to keep the know-how of weaving natural fibers in the workshops. It is also an integrated creation team working in close collaboration with upstream spinners, in-house production of fabrics by the meter and processors. offers ready-to-hang Charvet Editions curtains with the elegant fall characteristic of linen.

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