Armani Casa

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Farnese Fabric

Armani Casa
337,00 € per meter
6 colors

Nanjing Fabric

Armani Casa
403,00 € per meter
9 colors

Okinawa Fabric

Armani Casa
296,00 € per meter
2 colors

Nola Fabric

Armani Casa
298,00 € per meter
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Juso Fabric

Armani Casa
339,00 € per meter
4 colors

Havana Fabric

Armani Casa
271,00 € per meter
8 colors
238,00 € per meter
1 color

Odaware Fabric

Armani Casa
490,00 € per meter
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Having become the world leader in luxury furniture and decoration, the Armani Casa brand notably offers exceptional wall coverings. Influenced by different cultures, the collections invite you to travel. Combining cutting-edge manufacturing techniques with elaborate patterns, the studio presents products of unique quality. Sometimes metallic, textured, soft, each project has its particularity making it also unique.

Between figuration and abstraction, the creations bring cachet and a luxurious touch to all spaces.