The samples offered on our website are all in stock and shipped the day after your order, excluding weekends and bank holidays. To guarantee you the best service, we have chosen to limit the samples to the most representative colors.

How to order?

Your order can contain up to 4 samples. You can order directly from the product page, by clicking on the "Order a sample" button.


Fabrics and wallpapers

The fabric samples correspond to what is called a "swatch", i.e. a small piece of about 5 x 10 cm sufficient to check the "grip" of the fabric and the shade of the color. For very large patterns, you can receive a paper illustration showing the whole pattern and a sample not showing all the colors, but showing the material.

Wallpaper samples are usually A4 (21x29.7 cm) or A5 (14.8x21 cm). Our publishers may also provide us with smaller samples.

Samples of fabrics, wallpapers and wall coverings are delivered separately from the other products in the catalogue and by post for a flat price of €2.80 incl. VAT. They are dispatched the day after your order, except on weekends and bank holidays.

You can choose the non-refundable express shipping option. Your samples will be shipped in priority and delivered within 24 to 48 hours in Europe (slightly longer outside Europe) by our DHL Express carrier. A tracking number is automatically sent to you.

Prices and deduction from the order amount

A charge of €3 per sample is asked. When you order samples, a discount code is automatically generated. This code will be displayed in the cart when you place your final order and will allow you to obtain a full refund for all your samples. The code is valid for 3 months.


The samples vary greatly in size and some of the handmade pieces are expensive. The product page shows the size and price of the sample.

Shipping is done by DHL Express, for delivery in Europe within 48 hours. You are responsible for the cost of postage. The cost of your tile samples cannot be deducted from your order.

You can freely use your right of return to send us back unused tile samples which will then be reimbursed (return postage at your charge).

Loan of carpet samples

On certain models, we can send you a free sample of the carpet with a pre-paid return envelope. This service, when available, is displayed on the product page. Do not hesitate to ask us. Maximum of 2 samples per person.