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    Epinal's imagery is the most famous and the last one in activity in the world. Originally, Jean-Charles Pellerin, playing cards and game sheets merchant, founded his factory in 1796 by combining the techniques of engraved wood and stencil coloring to the Gutenberg press. This is the beginning of the great adventure of images and the imagery of Epinal then becomes all at the same time publisher, printer, bookseller, advertising agency, creator of games. The descendants of the artisanal enterprise continue its work and develop its creations as its techniques sometimes allowing editions up to 500,000 copies even before the development of mass media.

    If the twentieth century and its innovations in terms of media plunges Fabrique Pellerin into a difficult context, it nonetheless remains the heiress of an exceptional historical heritage that will subsequently be enhanced by a new generation of talents like Fred, Tardi or François Schuiten. Today, with an internal design studio combining traditional techniques and high-tech mediums, the company develops the edition of images and objects, wall panoramics, paintings, upholstery fabrics and personalized prints, under the name of Maison Images d’Epinal. Endowed with traditional methods of production, preserved thanks to a fleet of machines unique in France, the company is labeled "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" distinguishing French companies of craftsmanship and industrial excellence.

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