Tetti Parigi Panel Code Black White B9801 intissé Code
Tetti Parigi Panel Code

Tetti Parigi Panel Code


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The price indicated is for a 500 x 300 cm panel. It is delivered in a roll containing 5 strips measuring 100 cm wide and 300 cm long. A cutting line is indicated on each length.

Delivery in  2-3 weeks
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Tetti Parigi Panel Code
Inspired by the rooftops and buildings of Paris, the design of the Tetti Parigi panel features buildings. The buildings are drawn with slightly gradient colors that evoke the look of a watercolor. This illustration, a collaboration between Code and German-born industrial designer Karin Kellner, adds a vintage touch.
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This wallpaper is non-woven, making it easier to hang. The adhesive must be applied to the wall. We recommend using an adhesive such as Quelyd for non-woven wallpaper. Watch our tutorial.

300 cm
500 cm
Karin Kellner
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