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Latus wallcover Arte Element Grey 50506A Arte
Latus wallcover Arte Element Grey 50506A Arte

Latus wallcover Arte


Minimal quantity: 1 meters

Order only by whole meter

Delivery in  3-5 working days
35,00 € per meter
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Latus wallcover Arte

Arte represents the natural charm of silk through the faux plain pattern of the Latus wallcovering. It features a slightly raised weave that blends fine and thick fibers. This classic textured design comes in soft, neutral colors, lending a relaxing ambiance to interiors. 

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This wallpaper is non-woven, making it easier to hang. The adhesive must be applied to the wall. We recommend using an adhesive such as Quelyd for non-woven wallpaper. Watch our tutorial..

90 cm
Adhesive and laying kit
We recommend you the SPECIAL ADHESIVE developed by ARTE for wall coverings and the WALLPAPER LAYING KITS containing all the tools.
Non Feu Europe : B s1 d0
Contribution très limitée à l'embrasement généralisé, combustible (EN 13501-1)
Non-contractual information, only the certificate confirms the fire resistance standard.
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