Tradizionale Tile Le Nid  Le Nid
Tradizionale Tile Le Nid
Tradizionale Tile Le Nid  Le Nid
Tradizionale Tile Le Nid
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Tradizionale Tile Le Nid

Le Nid

Minimal quantity: 4

The price indicated is for a box of 1 tiles (0.04m²)

Delivery in  5-6 weeks
Total of 0.16 m2
20,00 € per box
500,00 € /m2
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Tradizionale Tile Le Nid

Reminiscent of a traditional tile pattern, this Studio Le Nid galzed terracotta tile is handcrafted in Sicily. Like a grid, using blue lines, it draws boxes each with a simplified blue flower in its center on a light background. Tradizionale is punctuated by small dark blue squares taking place at the intersections of the lines and brings a real character to the spaces.

Supplier reference
Artisanal manufacture
There may be slight variations between styles. These are not defects. They demonstrate the unique character of each piece.
Cleaning advices
We advise you to clean your tiles with a neutral PH soap and hot water. As these tiles are porous, acid-based cleaners should be avoided.
Number of tiles per box
Covered area
20x20 cm
1 cm
Recommended joint thickness
in-outdoor, water-repellent, non-freezing
Origin of manufacture

This tile is available in several thicknesses. Depending on whether you want to use it as a floor or wall tile, do not forget to select the right thickness before adding the product to your cart.

  • Wall
  • Floor
  • Interior shower wall
  • Bathroom floor
  • Bathroom wall
  • Interior shower floor
  • Floor kitchen
  • Wall kitchen, splashback excluded
  • Splashback
  • Workplan
  • Wall near oven, stove, fireplace
  • Floor near oven, stove, fireplace
  • Indoor staircase
  • Outdoor staircase
  • Floor terrace
  • Wall terrace
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Gelif: these tiles should not be laid outdoors at the risk of seeing them crack. There are exceptions: contact us for a project in a dry area with little temperature variation.
If you have any questions about this product, please contact us.