Tappeto cement Tiles Le Nid  Le Nid
Tappeto cement Tiles Le Nid  Le Nid

Tappeto cement Tiles Le Nid

Le Nid

Minimal quantity: 1

Ce produit est composé de 24 pièces de formes et motifs différents.

Delivery in  5-6 weeks
Total of 0,2535 m2
669,00 € per box
2 639,05 € /m2
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Tappeto cement Tiles Le Nid

With this original creation, Studio Le Nid has created an authentic coating. Built like a carpet of glazed terracotta tiles, it is made up of twenty-four different tiles both in terms of their glazes and their individual shape. Only the four corners have the same square shape and the same pattern reminiscent of the boundary of the object. They are made and painted with care by hand in Sicily. They draw geometric, floral and animal shapes in Mediterranean colors reminiscent of traditional Sicilian tiles and thus bringing warmth and originality to living spaces.

Supplier reference
Cleaning advices
Clean with neutral pH soap and warm water. We recommend the regular cleanser Aftercare cleaner Ecoprotecas well as the intensive cleaner Stone & Tile Intensive Cleaner Ecoprotec.
Covered area
39x65 cm
Origin of manufacture
  • Bathroom wall, shower interior included
  • Bathroom floor, shower interior excluded
  • Bathroom wall, shower interior excluded
  • Bathroom floor, shower interior included
  • Workplan
  • Floor kitchen
  • Wall kitchen, splashback excluded
  • Wall kitchen, splashback included
  • Wall near oven, stove, fireplace
  • Floor near oven, stove, fireplace
  • Outdoor staircase
  • Indoor staircase
  • Wall terrace
  • Floor terrace
  • Floor terrace behind garage (withstands the passage of a car or truck)
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Gelif: these tiles should not be laid outdoors at the risk of seeing them crack. There are exceptions: contact us for a project in a dry area with little temperature variation.
  • Many particularities of the place to be tiled are to be taken into account for the final choice of your tile. Thus, for outdoor surfaces, the geographical location may imply a risk of freezing in winter. If in doubt, please consult our customer service.
If you have any questions about this product, please contact us.