Protective wax tiles LTP Ecoprotec  LTP Ecoprotec

Protective wax tiles LTP Ecoprotec

LTP Ecoprotec

Minimal quantity: 1

Satin Surface Wax is a protective wax that enhances the appearance of concrete tiles and improves their durability if previously sealed using Natural Finish Stone Sealer.

  • A 1L bottle covers 20m² to 30m²
  • A 5L bottle covers 100m² to 150m²

Delivery: This item is shipped directly from our premises, most often separately from your wallpaper or other products.

Delivery in  48h by DHL
36,00 €
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Supplier reference
Origin of manufacture
  • Wall
  • Interior shower floor
  • Interior shower wall
  • Floor
  • Wall kitchen, splashback included
  • Workplan
  • Floor kitchen
  • Wall kitchen, splashback excluded
  • Floor near oven, stove, fireplace
  • Wall near oven, stove, fireplace
  • Indoor staircase
  • Outdoor staircase
  • Floor terrace behind garage (withstands the passage of a car or truck)
  • Wall terrace
  • Floor terrace
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Indoor swimming pool
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