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10% donated to the Francis Hallé association for the primary forest from November 25 to 28.

As you may have noticed, sells wallpapers and we strive to choose fibers from sustainably managed forests and to orient our purchases towards FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) labeled papers.

We are currently elaborating our Corporate Social Responsibility policy and carrying out our first carbon footprint assessment, aiming at reducing's environmental impact in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

To go further, we are proud to support the beautiful association Francis Hallé for the primary forest, whose values we share in favor of the common good, beauty and long time and which aims to restore a large primary forest in Western Europe.

Let's restore the primary forest in Western Europe

Thanks to the initiative of the botanist Francis Hallé and his association which acts for the reconstitution of a large primary forest on a very large space (about 70 000 hectares), in Europe and in France in particular.

This is a forest that has not been exploited or cleared by man, or if it has been in the past, enough time has passed for the forest to become primary again.

Most of the large countries located in temperate latitudes (United States, Canada, Chile, Russia, China...) have been able to preserve primary lowland forests while in Western Europe our ancestors destroyed them, unaware that they had an irreplaceable ecological value.

To bring back to life a primary forest means...

  1. Fight against global warming
  2. Reconstitute a large reservoir of biodiversity
  3. Protect human life
  4. Ensure the abundance and quality of water resources
  5. Develop research
  6. Encourage territorial development, citizenship, artistic practices...

“Our project brings humanity and its planet back together”

Because it is a global emergency

We have been marked this summer by the terrible fires: 2022 is a record year with figures estimated up to 9000km2 in Europe (that is to say cumulated the surface of Corsica) and in France, 65000 hectares have burned according to Office Nation des Forêts.

The last primary equatorial forests are located in the Amazon, in the Congo basin and in Indonesia. All are in alarming decline. In Europe, they have almost disappeared since 1850 and the admirable primary forest of Białowieża in Poland is the only one still remaining. Unfortunately, it is also in great danger.

10% donated -10% on a selection of publishers Discover the brands

How to help the association ? commits to donate 10% of the sales on a selection of brands directly to the association Francis Hallé - For the primary forest.
You can also help the association directly via a donation.

What the fundraising will be used for

This very long term, multisecular project, completely innovative by the very stakes of its duration, aims at the transmission to future generations of a natural heritage, source of life, knowledge, culture.

It is an act and a message of solidarity sent in the space-time of generations to those who, tomorrow and the day after, will benefit from it.
A large primary forest reconstituted in Western Europe is necessary and possible. It is a question of will.

We are taking action to create, within the framework of a European project, the concrete conditions (scientific, technical, legal, land) for its development and the constitution of a network of large intact natural areas.

Who is Francis Hallé?

Francis Hallé is a botanist specializing in the ecology of tropical forests and the architecture of their trees. In this context and for more than 40 years, he has been drawing leaves, trunks, tops, as well as the canopy and the landscapes that trees compose.

Through his association, he participates in the education and awareness of the public to understand the importance of rebuilding freely evolving forest areas and works to develop and build a network of large intact natural areas through scientific, technical, legal and land levers.

To learn more: read the association's manifesto or visit their website!