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Cleaning wallpaper

Regardless of how careful you are in your home, sometimes accidents that could stain your wallpaper just cannot be avoided. But don't panic! By using a technique that is tailored to your wall covering, it can be returned to its original appearance in the majority of cases.


  1. Washable wallpaper
  2. Non-washable wallpaper
  3. Wipeable wallpaper
  4. Vinyl wallpaper
  5. Non-woven vinyl wallpaper
  6. Japanese paper or straw paper
  7. Avoid paper getting dirty above the radiator.

Washable wallpaper

  • Clean a washable wallpaper with a sponge dampened with soapy water or cold vinegar water (one soup spoon of white vinegar per litre of water). Always clean from the bottom to the top to avoid dirty water running down.
  • Repeat if necessary, but make sure that you do not get the paper too wet.
  • Dry with a clean white cloth.

Non-washable wallpaper

Never get a non-washable paper wet.

  • Wipe it with a dry cloth or rub the dirty wallpaper with soft bread or an eraser.

Wipeable wallpaper

  • Clean it with a sponge dampened with water with a touch of detergent or a few washing soda crystals.
  • Do not forget to rinse and wipe the treated area dry with a clean cloth.

Vinyl wallpaper

  • Just clean with the wipe of a sponge - it can cope with being damp and rarely tears.

Non-woven vinyl wallpaper

  • Run a sponge dampened with water (and wrung out) with a little added washing up liquid over the paper.

Japanese paper or straw paper

  • A damp sponge is enough to clean these wall coverings.
  • In order to give them a freshen up, gently run a cloth dampened with lemon juice over them.

Avoid paper getting dirty above the radiator

  • Reduce damage by regularly wiping the radiator with a damp cloth, or better yet, apply a colourless varnish to the wall. A wipe with a sponge will then suffice to get rid of any dirty marks.


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