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Tips for looking after your cushions

On a sofa, in a bedroom, or even scattered on the floor... The cushion is an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable feature that is nowadays at home in any house. They require regular care in order that they retain their original freshness and to extend their product life.


  1. Feather filled cushions
  2. Designer cushions by Guilf, William Yeoward and Christian Lacroix
  3. Cleaning
  4. Synthetic fabric filled cushions

1. Feather filled cushions:

Duck down, a very small and light feather, is one of the best options when filling cushions but requires special attention, daily fluffing and regular airing.

2. To fluff up cushions be Designers Guild, Wiliam Yeoward and Christian Lacroix:

  • Bring the opposite corners together and release several times to all air into the inside of the cushion.
  • Repeat with the other corners.
  • Precautions: Because the fabric is oiled, air can only pass through the seams. When placing a cushion into its cover, always ensure that the corners of the inner are perfectly nested into the corners of the cover.

3. Cleaning:

    Machine washng at 40° is recommended once or twice a year. Ideally you should add tennis balls into the drum. These will break up the balls of feathers in the cushion. Once through a gentle cycle the cushions must be tumble dried. And to prevent dust mites and bacteria, if possible leave out in the sun to finish drying.

4. Synthetic fabric filled cushions:

Follow the instructions on the label if there is one, as the filling material can vary. If in doubt, follow the same instructions as for down-filled cushions.


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