Calculating the required number of rolls of wallpaper -

Calculating the required number of rolls of wallpaper

The simplest way is to log onto the page of our website regarding the wallpaper your have chosen.
Use the "Measurement calculator" button.
The specific details of the product are automatically taken into consideration and all you have to do is enter your dimensions.


You can also use our Calculator with your own data
or even follow the calculation method outlined below:

Calculation method

You need to know: the width of the paper, the height of the pattern (in the case of a patterned wallpaper) and the length of the rolls.

1. Measure

Measure the perimeter of your room or the walls to be covered, without taking windows and doors into consideration.

2. Divide

Divide this measurement by the width of the wallpaper, and you now know the number of drops. The standard width of a roll is 0.53m. However, you must make sure to verify this measurement on your chosen wallpaper.

3. Calculate

Calculate the height of each drop by adding:

  • the height of the wall, excluding the skirting boards
  • an additional 10 cm for leveling cuts (trimming)
  • in the case of a patterned wallpaper: the height of the pattern. You will find this value in all of our product specifications.

4. Number of drops

The number of drops per roll is calculated by dividing the length of the roll by the height of each drop, as calculated in step 3.

5. Divide

Divide the total number of drops by the number of drops per roll, as calculated in step 4.

Round up your total and you now know the number of rolls required for your order!

Advice and tips

  • Never calculate in square metres, but rather always in drops.
  • Calculate on an "empty for full" basis, that is, without deducting the windows and doors.
  • If the pattern allows it, you can ignore the pattern when hanging the first drop. This tip sometimes allows you to hang one additional drop from the first roll, which may save you a full roll in the end.


In case of doubt contact us on 09 72 30 30 39 (standard rate) for specialist advice.