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Spanish wallpapers inspired by Antoni Gaudi

Coordonné is a family business based in Barcelona, with over 35 years of experience in creating high quality wallpaper and fabric. The brand was born thanks to the desire to decorate a space with wallpapers that can be matched to fabrics, cushions, curtains and linens. Hence the origin of its name: Coordonné.

The range of Coordonné wallpaper presented by is inspired by the architectural richness of Barcelona by Antoni Gaudi and the great Andalusian palaces of the 11th century. Historical mosaic and tile patterns are reproduced on a high quality non-woven backing. Coordonné wallpapers do full honor to colors and textures. This collection of wall coverings ventures into the fascinating world of trompe-l'oeil. These spectacular wallpaper designs by their realism will bring warmth and authenticity to your interior. In addition, Coordonné uses a non-woven backing that preserves indoor air quality, and comes from sustainably managed forests.

Coordonné has a network of distributors in more than 35 countries, the brand has become an international benchmark for quality, design and innovation.

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