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Zoffany: antique patterns and contemporary designs

As a first step in the creative field, Zoffany offers a collection that reproduces wall coverings from Temple Newsam, a Tudor-Jacobean-style country monument in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. The reinterpreted wallpapers are known for their authenticity, elegance and representation of art. This first work is followed by several collections that are no longer confined to wallpapers. From then on, the publishing house gained an international reputation.

Zoffany uses various means to distinguish itself in its desire to merge luxury and art. These include innovative technologies, contemporary designs and historical archives. Thanks to client donations and auctions, the brand holds a collection of antique designs from around the world. For this reason, its designs are reminiscent of motifs found in famous monuments dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries.

Zoffany seduces in particular by its luxurious motifs reminiscent of antique damask. Its wall coverings and textiles, sometimes with abstract designs, are characterised by stylised leaves and flowers with elegant curves. Iridescent and metallic reflections add sumptuous charm to the illustrations. Taken from the brand's archives, these figures are inspired by royal decors in palaces in various countries. Modernised and available in attractive colours, Zoffany's creations also blend in with contemporary interiors.

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