Solid linen fabric

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Solid linen fabric
Solid linen fabric

Known for being an excellent thermal regulator and light resistant, the linen is fiber widely uses in the field of home fabric. With its often rustic, lustrous or stonewashed appearance, this material is at the top of its beauty when it's plain. It makes heavy and flexible curtains. offers a selection of linen among the most recognized in the existing global offer.

42 colors
161,00 € per meter
19 colors

Drap de Flandres Fabric

Antoine d'Albiousse
247,00 € per meter
24 colors
232,00 € per meter
10 colors
147,00 € per meter
3 colors
194,00 € per meter
1 color
122,00 € per meter
8 colors
239,00 € per meter
10 colors
267,00 € per meter
7 colors
148,00 € per meter