Nobilis La Vie de Chateau

Collection La Vie de Chateau


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Nobilis - Collection La Vie de Chateau
Nobilis La Vie de Chateau

Collection La Vie de Chateau

La Vie de Chateau is a collection of fabrics with predominant vegetal themes. Developed by the Nobilis brand, the botanical designs are stylized with taste and fantasy. This range includes arabesques of orderly leaves or more sophisticated round, feather-like petals. There are also some semi-plains composed of subtle tiles. The materials are made of a well-proportioned cotton blend or an elegant velvet. They offer a quality flair and a good fluidity to the textiles of this assortment. They also allow them to withstand intensive use and are therefore suitable for all types of furnishing projects. In order to highlight the complete color palette, shine effects are the result of contrasts and damask finishes.

11 colors
US$218.00 per meter
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5 colors
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