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How to look after your curtains

With regular care and appropriate washing, curtains will retain their shine for a long time.

Monthly vacuum cleaning of curtains and casement curtains is generally enough to keep them looking new. Do not take the curtains down to do this, as this way they won't gather dust, and don't forget to go over the hem.

Washing curtains

Curtains are usually large pieces of fabric that cannot always be washed using a domestic washing machine.? It is in fact important that the drum can accommodate the curtain or curtains with an empty space of around 10 cm on top. If this isn't possible, wash the curtains separately, take them to a dry-cleaners or a launderette.?

Take care to remove metallic parts from the curtains with gathering (tape) or pinch pleats. Remember to tie the eyelets together with a string to avoid damaging the drum of the machine.

If you are washing your curtains at home you must follow the care instructions carefully (see list of pictograms). If there are stains, refer to our suggested cleaning methods.

Rehang your curtains.

Clean the pole before rehanging your clean curtains.