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Margate Marble Cushion

Poodle and Blonde
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Poodle and Blonde's disco-victorian dream

Fascinated by chic and cinematic interiors of the 70s, the English singer Whinnie Williams had the idea to restore a house in her own way, to live there with her 18 pets. She aslo rents the house to Vanity Fair, Elle Japan, Topshop, Kali Uchis or Lion Babe for photoshoots. Whinnie has imagined a serie of home accessories. And while she was struggling with the production of this range, she received a message on Instagram. Kierra Campbell, independent purchasing consultant for interior design offers to help with the project. Kierra's experience and knwoledge of working with luxury brands combined with the creativity of Whinnie made the dream of Poodle and Blonde emerge. The duo of friends and buisness partners put their strength at the service of hard work, athenticity and fun.
The style of Poodle and Blonde is a mix of Hollywood disco and victorian style. Abstract or geometric patterns and finely thought-out color spectrum can be found on fringed cushions, linen, velvet for seats and lampshades. Poodle and Blonde likes to position itself as a luxury brand that has fun to think out of the box.

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