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MINDTHEGAP, the youngest of the oldest !

“Mind the gap!”, this expression, which has become popular in London subways, is the hallmark of MINDTHEGAP. The brand wants to exploit the gap between generations inspired by old photographs and illustrations. Pleasing to young and older people, each wallpaper has an unique and original style. MINDTHEGAP then settled in England and became one of the pioneers of contemporary retro style.

MINDTHEGAP draws inspiration from vintage style by mixing them with modern graphics to create timeless wallpaper designs. It then immortalizes on its motifs an age or personality that has marked the story. The manufacture of each design wallpaper follows a very meticulous process. Each drawing is first designed with care, in their studio, to reflect the MINDTHEGAP style, contemporary retro. It is after a careful and scrupulous study that the wallpaper goes into production in their specialized factory. The latex inks used in our prints are certified to comply with the Nordic Swan Environmental Standard. Our inks are odorless, with a very high durability, all wastes being responsibly disposed of.

MINDTHEGAP offers a wide range of models, as unique as original designs. Old newspapers or magazines, pin-ups, planets, hot air balloons or tropical plants, all of which are as creative as they are decorative to embellish every room in your home. The creators, who are always looking for innovation, are constantly imagining models that revolutionize the decoration world. They leave their fingerprints and signatures every time to make your interior a place at the forefront of the trend. The brand wishes to decorate and dress your walls, but also let your personality appear through them. By making new with old, MINDTHEGAP has known how to make a name in the universe of the dominoterie.

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