COVID-19 Information
Last updated on 2021 July 13

Dear customers,

Our site remains 100% open and operates normally, apart from the difficulties linked to Brexit for our items from Great Britain.

We are using our ten years of e-commerce experience to reduce the impact of the crisis on your orders.
Despite difficulties in the production, supply and delivery chains, we make every effort to continue to guarantee you the best quality of service.

If, despite our efforts and the measures detailed below, you judge that your experience on does not meet your expectations, never hesitate to inform us.
We will always tell you the truth and your remarks will force us to move forward.

Protect yourself. Protect others.Yours truly,
Sincerely yours,

Philippe Bertron



Do you protect your employees? Do you participate in reducing virus circulation?

Yes we do. We schedule home office for most of our employees, except for a limited team who must remain present to manage receptions and shipments, in strict compliance with sanitary rules.

In case of contact of a person who has been tested positive or showing symptoms, the employee immediately leaves the company to isolate himself and be tested negative before coming back to work.

Are the carriers you use delivering parcels as normal?

Overall yes. We promote the use of the best Express carriers (DHL, UPS, etc.). We're keeping an eye on the situation and doing our best to ensure that only orders that can be delivered are accepted by our team.
We are working on improving our deliveries anomalies detection system in order to inform you immediately if a problem occurs.

Is there a risk that the health crisis might mean longer delivery times?

Yes. The majority of our design houses may be finding it difficult to get dyes, inks, threads, raw materials, parts, etc. Others may have had staff test positive for COVID-19. Certain countries have seen restrictions on their exports temporarily introduced. This has resulted in difficulties across the entire production chain.

We have implemented a new solution to detect late order processing by our suppliers.
We're lucky to only work with small and medium-sized design houses, where everyone is fully committed to finding solutions to problems which arise.

Do you guarantee the delivery times given on your website?

We do guarantee the delivery times given, except where exceptional circumstances beyond our control occasionally prevent us from doing so. If you need confirmation of a specific delivery date, just email or call our customer service team, who will be more than happy to help.
All delivery dates include a margin and are updated on a daily basis to reflect the information we receive from our suppliers. If there's a problem involving the availability of an item, we'll clearly indicate this on the product page as soon as we become aware of it.

 What solutions do you offer customers who experience an issue with their order?

If a problem arises, such as the carrier losing your package, a mistake by us, a delay in production, etc., we'll always be upfront with you. In such cases, our customer service team will be on hand to offer you the very best solution.
Also, you can always cancel your order if you wish. If you decide to do this, we'll issue you a full refund straight away, no questions asked.

What's your refund policy?

We place the uttermost importance on the quality of the service we provide, something which has earned us our reputation.
If we're unable to get your order to you by the date given, you can ask us to cancel your order at any time and we'll issue you a full refund.
Whatever the reason (change of address due to the crisis, issues with the supplier or carrier, etc.), if you don't receive your package, you'll get a full refund straight away.
On 13 March 2020, we extended the amount of time you have to return your item(s) and request a refund to 60 days from the date on which you receive your package. In such cases, we won't ask you about the reason(s) for your decision (maybe you've simply changed your mind, have personal reasons for doing so, etc.).
Refunds are issued as soon as we receive the item(s) in question.

Can I call you?

Yes, our customer service team is on hand to help you in French, English, German and Spanish, from Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Paris time). You'll rarely have to wait more than 10 minutes. We respond to emails within 24-48 hours during the week.

Are there any risks involved in receiving a package?
According to information published by the WHO, the risk of someone with COVID-19 contaminating goods or a customer contracting the virus responsible for COVID-19 through contact with a package is low. Source: World Health Organization See bellow about what's being done to keep you safe below.

What's being done to keep customers and carriers safe when packages are delivered?
The carriers we work with (DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.) have implemented the strictest prevention and safety measures, including contactless delivery.

  • If your package doesn't fit in your letter box, the carrier will let you or the person you've designated know it has arrived by knocking on your door or ringing the bell.
  • The carrier will leave your package on your doorstep and immediately step back at least 1 metre before you open the door.
  • He may or may not wait for you take it inside. What's more, you won't be required to sign for your package by hand.
  • The aim is to avoid close contact between the carrier and customer and, above all, avoid the carrier from having to hand you your package by hand.
  • In addition to this, carriers are required to wear a face covering, observe the protective measures in place and keep a safe distance from customers.

We recommend you remove the outer packaging straight away whilst refraining from touching your nose, mouth or eyes. Then, dispose of it and wash your hands thoroughly.

Which fabrics should you use to make alternative masks?
French governmental organization AFNOR has made a document available explaining how protective "barrier masks" should be made. Designed for new mask manufacturers and individuals, this document shows you how to make a mask for healthy people. It supplements the array of key protective measures involved in tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

You can download the document on the AFNOR website at Please read all the advice and instructions carefully. 

AFNOR emphasizes that the "barrier mask device" is intended to supplement protective measures and social distancing rules and is designed for members of the general public who are healthy and asymptomatic. This device is not intended for use by healthcare professionals. 
In this document, AFNOR describes two types of masks in detail: the "duckbill" mask and the "flat-fold" mask, plus different materials and fabrics to use or avoid.

Regarding fabrics, AFNOR recommends the following:
•    use tightly woven fabrics
•    assemble in two or three layers (same or different fabrics)
•    use fabrics that allow breath to pass through
•    use fabrics that are soft and supple enough to apply around the face for an effective seal
•    use smooth, non-irritating fabrics

•    don't use light, loosely woven fabrics
•    don't make masks with just a single layer of fabric
•    don't use fabrics that stop breath passing through
•    don't use fabrics that are too stiff, so unsuitable for making a seal
•    don't use warm fabrics that would make masks difficult to wear
•    don't use irritating fabrics that would make masks difficult to wear
•    don't put vertical seams along the nose, mouth or chin
•    don't use staples in barrier mask designs


We urge you to respect 
the security measures put in place by our governments.
Halting the spread of the epidemic is everyone's responsibility.
Respect social distancing.

Keep well, keep safe !