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5% of sales of fabrics and Christmas gifts donated
to Maison des Canuts from 4 to 7 December.

Help us save Maison des Canuts

Maison des Canuts, a jewel in the historical and cultural heritage of Lyon, is in danger of disappearing!

Maison des Canuts is a privately owned and unsubsidised silk workshop and museum in Lyon. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the museum had to close between 16 March and 8 June and was once again forced to close on 30 October. The silk museum and workshop has lost 66% of its business. This historic Lyonnais landmark has received grants from the State, from the public authorities, from its lessor and has also taken out a state-backed loan. Nevertheless, Virginie and Philibert Varenne are currently showinga loss of €100,000. Today, they need us to ensure their survival, and the continuity of their work on the cultural, educational and social fronts.


  • A loss of €100,000
  • 13,957 visitors in 2020 compared to 41,711 in 2019
  • Loss of business of 66%
  • 5 staff on short-time working
  • 30% drop in salary for the directors
  • 2 government closures, from 16 March to 8 June and then from 30 October to 1 December

Maison des Canuts, 50 years of history

Maison des Canuts was founded in 1970 by the COOPTISS weaving cooperative. In the late 19th century, this historic building was home to the Syndicat des Tisseurs et Similaires, the union of weavers and associated trades. In the seventies, it responded to the growing interest ofthe public in our scientific and industrial heritage. This interest grew with the media coverage of the weaving of exact reproductions of the fabrics in the King's bedroom at Versailles, carried out by two Lyonnais manufacturers: Prelle and Tassinari & Châtel.In 2003, the limited liability company “la Maison des Canuts” was subject to a compulsory liquidation order. In 2004; the city of Lyon took over ownership of the collection which is linked to the Musée Gadagne. The limited liability company Virginie Satre bought the business in 2004. Virginie and Philibert Varenne have been managing and organising the sitesince then.

Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their business

How can we help them? is committed to donating 5% of sales of fabrics and from the Christmas shop. You can also help Maison des Canuts directly via their rescue fund.

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What will the fundraising be used for?

Like many companies, particularly in the culture sector, visibility is difficult and even impossible. Maison des Canuts believes that the business will be unable to function "normally" until next year and is anxious to retain its qualified staff. Current losses stand at €100,000. We desperately need to keep Maison des Canuts alive.